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Little Owls Nursery

Welcome to Little Owls Nursery: Our Early Years Provision is “Good” (Ofsted 2019)

We are delighted to welcome you and your child to Little Owls Nursery at Nene & Ramnoth School. The Nursery team are committed to ensuring that your child will achieve success, enjoy their education and become a confident, active learner. 

We are part of The Elliot Foundation Academies Trust, with our mission statement being ‘I can, you can, together we can’.

We aim to ensure each child is surrounded by caring adults, in a safe, stimulating environment which complements their home life.  Since opening in 2010, we have been committed to providing flexible, affordable, quality childcare to all families.

Through a balance of play and adult directed learning, we are committed to ensuring that your child will achieve success, enjoy their first years in Nursery and become a confident, active learner.  We recognise that all children are individuals and take great care to accommodate their differences.

The Nursery provision is of the highest quality. All children are supported very well, including those who are disadvantaged, those with SEND and those who speak English as an additional language. The Nursery leader is passionate and highly skilled. She knows the children and their families well. She has created a strong team in which everyone is involved in the education of children and ensure that all children make strong progress from their individual starting points.

Ofsted 2019

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Little Owls Info & Prospectus

Little Owls is a very popular Nursery which opened in September 2010 as part of Nene & Ramnoth School and operates as part of The Elliot Foundation Academies Trust.

We are proud of our Ofsted inspection history and our Early Years provision is currently rated as ‘Good’.   Please see our full reports in the Ofsted section of the main website.

The Nursery opens each weekday from 8.00 am until 6.00pm for 48 weeks of the year and takes children between the ages of 2-5 years.  

 Little Owls is accessible for all children and their families. Access into and out of the Nursery is at ground level and there are disabled toilet facilities. We support children who have Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities and those who speak English as an additional language.

Little Owls is committed to working with all staff, children, families and colleagues to safeguard children. We have a statutory duty to all children to ensure they are safe. This means we will communicate openly and honestly with you (unless this places a child at further risk) and where necessary with Cambridgeshire Social Care about any concerns regarding a child’s safety. We are committed to working with families to resolve any issues.  Our Safeguarding & Child Protection policy can be found on the Policies page of the main website - click here to take you to this page.

We work hard to maintain a thriving partnership with parents and carers. We recognise that sharing knowledge about a child between their parents and the staff in the Nursery supports the very best outcomes for children. All children and families will receive a full induction when offered a place at Little Owls and each child is allocated a key-person. This induction time will include an opportunity to complete essential paperwork and ask questions about the Nursery routines and policies. There will also be time for you and your child to play together whilst getting to know the staff who will be caring for your child. You will be able to arrange for your child to visit the Nursery prior to starting your full sessions. 

Parents are always welcome to share in all aspects of Nursery life including presentations such as Christmas singing, stay and play sessions, shared lunches and story reading sessions.  We value the responses to our regular parent consultations and are grateful for the support parents give to our Nursery.

Further information about all aspects of Little Owls Nursery can be found in our prospectus - click on the button below:




Staff at Little Owls have developed an outstanding relationship with the Speech and Language Therapy service in Wisbech.  Staff are knowledgeable, approachable and willing to learn (whether through recommendations from SaLT during appointments or requesting/accepting offers of training).  Little Owls encourages a communication-friendly environment in which every child is well-supported at a universal level.  Through this alone, some children develop their delayed speech and language such that they will not need to be seen by Speech and Language Therapy.   For those who require more targeted intervention, strategies to support speech, language and communication needs (SLCN) are implemented appropriately, often prior to involvement from SaLT, and are readily checked with the visiting Therapist during appointments.  This means that intervention is provided earlier, allowing children to progress more quickly. The staff’s willingness to take on recommendations means that it is an easy process to pass on information resulting in earlier intervention for those children that need it. Little Owls make appropriate referrals to Early Support which means that children with additional needs access a highly specialist provision in a timely manner.  Little Owls accommodates joint visits from the wider multidisciplinary team (e.g. SaLT and Specialist Teaching) in order to allow for holistic planning of interventions, taking into account the child’s overall presentation.
Speech & Language Therapist, January 2018.


It is with great pleasure that I share my views on the way Little Owls  liaises with other agencies around children with developmental needs.

The referrals this pre-school sends to the early support service are always appropriate and complete with the necessary information, the attendance to FSP meetings is excellent and Debs is happy to take on the lead professional role for these needy children and families. She communicates well with the parents and is aware of the children’s needs and how to meet them. if in doubt, she will ask for help or support e.g. from SLT. I am therefore very confident that in Little Owls all needs get identified and referred in a timely and comprehensive fashion, thereby ensuring that Early Support can be a reality. This makes early intervention possible and results in the best outcomes for the children. Children are seen to be happy and parents feel their concerns get listened to.

Karina Hart, Consultant Community Paediatrician for Fenland, January 2018.

My child has made a great start at Little Owls and we will never forget the kindness, support and patience shown to us as a family by the manager, his 1:1 support and the whole of the Little Owls family. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  

Parent of a child with SEND, July 2019.


Admissions Click the button for our admissions criteria and information.

Admission Form Click the button to download the admission form.

Free Place Entitlement & Fee Structure

The Nursery admits children in receipt of the Universal Early Years Funding (both 2 and 3 year old funding). You can use your 15 hours free childcare in 5 or 10 hour blocks stretched across the year or during term time only.

The Government is funding 30 hours free childcare, 38 weeks per year, which is equivalent to 1140 hours per year. The number of 30 hour places we have to offer will be at the manager’s discretion in order to ensure sustainability of the Nursery. We are only offering 30 hours free childcare to families who meet the Government criteria and can present a valid code. In order to access your 1140 hours per year you will need to book your sessions over 48 weeks per year; this means your 1140 free hours per year will equate to 23.75 hours free per week over a 48 week period. You can use your 30 hours free childcare in 5 or 10 hour blocks (see session times below).

Fee Structure:

Weekly rates: Available for full time places
Session Rates: The session rate (5 or 10 hour sessions; 8am-1pm, 1pm-6pm or 8am-6pm) is payable in full for all sessions booked regardless of time spent in the Nursery.
2 year olds                            3 year olds
£250 per 50hr week                  £240 per 50hr week
£26.00 per 5 hour session       £25.00 per 5 hour session
£52.00 per 10 hour session     £50.00 per 10 hour session

Fees are payable monthly in advance and are chargeable for all sessions booked, including sessions missed due to holiday and sickness. One month’s written notice is required to reduce or to cancel your sessions.

Our Fee Policy is available on the Policies page of the main website - click here for access.

Term Dates

Academic Year 2021-2022

Summer Term 2022

Tuesday 19th April Summer term starts for all children
Monday 2nd May Nursery is CLOSED - Bank Holiday
Monday 30th May-Friday 3rd June Half Term for term-time children
Thursday 2nd & Friday 3rd June Nursery is CLOSED - Bank Holidays
Monday 6th June Nursery is CLOSED - Jubilee Day
Friday 22nd July Summer Term Ends for term-time children
Monday 1st-Friday 12th August Nursery is CLOSED
Monday 29th August Nursery is CLOSED - Bank Holiday
Friday 2nd September Summer Term Ends for full-time children

Academic Year 2022-2023

Autumn Term 2022

Monday 5th September Autumn Term Starts for all children
Monday 24th-Friday 28th October  Half Term for term-time children
Friday 16th December Autumn Term Ends for term-time children
Friday 23rd December Autumn Term Ends for full-time children
Monday 26th December-Monday 2nd January Nursery is CLOSED 

Spring Term 2023

Tuesday 3rd January Spring Term Starts for full-time children
Monday 9th January Spring Term Starts for term-time children
Monday 13th-Friday 17th February Half Term for term-time children
Friday 31st March Spring Term Ends for term-time children
Friday 7th-Friday 14th April Spring Term Ends for full-time children
Monday 10th-Friday 14th April  Nursery is  CLOSESD

Summer Term 2023

Monday 17th April Summer Term Starts for all children
Monday 1st May Nursery is CLOSED - Bank Holiday
Monday 29th May Nursery is CLOSED - Bank Holiday
Monday 29th-Friday 2nd June Half Term for term-time children
Friday 21st July Summer Term Ends for term-time children
Monday 28th August Nursery is CLOSED - Bank Holiday
Friday 1st September Summer Term Ends for full-time children

Meals & Healthy Eating

We believe healthy eating and physical activity are essential for the children in our care. Both elements provide children with the things they need for growth and development and we believe children develop healthy eating patterns from an early age. Therefore, we aim to ensure the food and eating patterns children are exposed to whilst in our care, are those which promote good attitudes to nutrition. Little Owls is a healthy eating Nursery. All the meals provided are nutritionally balanced to meet the requirements of the Under-5's. Our manager has been trained in Early Years Physical Activity and Nutrition.

Meals are included in your child’s session.  All meals are prepared daily on site, by our cook.  Our menus are planned on a four week cycle and changed at least twice a year.

Please click on the buttons below to see our current menu choices:

Menu: Week 1   Menu: Week 2  Menu: Week 3    Menu: Week 4

The menus balance children’s food intake across the day and foods which are offered are in line with the Children’s Food Trust’s Voluntary Food and Drink Guidelines for Early Years Settings in England. Click here to view the “Eat Better, Start Better” guide.

Special Educational Needs & Disabilities

Little Owls has regard to the Special Educational Needs Code of Practice when carrying out its duties toward all pupils with Special Educational Needs & Disabilities (SEND).  We are committed to developing a service that provides equality of opportunity and high achievement for all children.

Our fundamental SEND principles are:

  • A child with SEND will normally have their needs met within Little Owls
  • The views of the child will be sought and taken into account
  • Parents have a vital role to play in supporting their child’s education
  • Children with SEND access a broad, balanced and appropriate Foundation Stage curriculum

Our SEND Policy is available on the Policies page of the main website - click here for access.


Little Owls offers accessibility for wheelchair users; there are slopes to gain access to the building and the Nursery rooms are on one level. Toilet facilities are wide and wheelchair friendly. The room layout allows for movement between zones so all children can access the activities on offer. For further details regarding meeting the needs of children with SEND please request a copy of our policy.

Safeguarding Children

Little Owls, as part of the Nene & Ramnoth School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and expect all staff to share this commitment. All staff undergo enhanced DBS checks.  In order to protect children from harm, it is essential that all staff follow their Safeguarding Children training. Therefore, all staff are required to report any obvious or suspected signs of child abuse. This may mean staff risk upsetting some parents by reporting abuse, which on investigation proves to be unfounded. In these circumstances, we apologise for any embarrassment caused and hope parents appreciate how difficult it is for staff to carry out this responsibility. We wish to make clear, and hope that parents will understand, that acting on any suspicion is done in the child’s best interests.

Our Safeguarding and Child Protection policy is available on the Policies page of the main website - click here for access.

The Elliot Foundation has agreed a Trust wide additional COVID-19 appendix document to supplement their Safeguarding & Child Protection Policy.  This is also available on the Policies page of the main website.

Parents as Partners

Little Owls aim is to create effective partnerships with parents, which means providing an open and communicative environment where parents can get actively involved. We value parents as their child’s main educators.

Respecting diversity: 

  • All families are important and are welcomed and valued 
  • We recognise that families are all different. Children may live with one or both parents, with other relatives or carers, with same sex parents or in an extended family 
  • We understand that families may speak more than one language at home; they may be travellers, refugees or asylum seekers and welcome your expertise to guide us in supporting your child 
  • Staff undergo training in diversity, equality and anti-discriminatory practice

Ways you can help 

  • Please allow time for your child to attend some short sessions before they start their full sessions. 
  • Please keep us informed of any change in your contact details. 
  • Please dress your child in comfortable, manageable clothing, avoiding dungarees if your child is potty trained! 
  • Please ensure your child has weather appropriate clothing, including wellingtons and sun hats/sun cream. 
  • Please name all of your child’s clothes including their shoes! 
  • Please provide at least 2 complete sets of spare clothes each day. 
  • Please tell us if your child will not be attending for any reason.


Early Years Foundation Stage: Little Owls Nursery and Nene Reception Classes

In Nursery and Reception we deliver the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum. 

At Little Owls Nursery, children experience a range of play experiences which provide practical educational activities within the seven areas of learning.  We place a strong emphasis on Personal Social and Emotional Development, Physical Development and Communication and Language.

Little Owls takes an holistic approach to child development and provides a learning environment which places the child at its heart.  We use the children’s interests to plan an individualised curriculum for your child.  We value parents as their child’s main educator and as such, work closely with you to help your child to maximise their full potential.

For more information about the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum, please click on one of the links below to download the PDF document.

EYFS Parents Guide

Development Matters in the Early Years Foundation Stage

Outdoor Play

At Little Owls we are fully committed to providing children with the opportunity to play outdoors and operate a free flow indoor/outdoor policy all year round.

Our outdoor vision and values for all young children are:

  • All children have the right to experience and enjoy the essential and special nature of being outdoors.
  • Young children thrive and their minds and bodies develop best when they have free access to stimulating outdoor environments for learning through play and real experiences.

We aim for our children to be able to experience a readily available, high quality outdoor play environment. It is through this that children can have sufficient time to become deeply involved in their experiences.  We believe children need to have time to develop their use of space and resources and uninterrupted time to develop their play ideas.  They need to be able to return to projects and practise skills again and again until they have mastered or finished with them.

Contact Us

Please direct any enquiries to: Miss Lauren Kelsey, Nursery Manager, on 01945 583907 or email: lkelsey@nenerjs.org

Nursery Address

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