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Please inform the school by phone, each morning that your child is ill or absent for any reason. 

Government guidelines require schools to record lateness and absence. If we are not aware of the reason for a child’s absence we will contact you by phone.

If we still cannot get in touch with you we will conduct a home visit, where our Family Support Team will visit your home to see why your child is not at school.   Please only make doctor/dental appointments in school time if it is an emergency. Proof of any appointments will need to be shown to the office staff.

  • The school day starts at 8.50am and registers close at 9.00am.
  • Your child will be marked as ‘late’ if they arrive after 9.00am but before 9.15am.
    All late arrivals will need to be signed in by an adult.
  • Your child will be marked as an ‘unauthorised absence’ if they arrive after 9.15am.

There are slight differences in the start and end of the school day for September 2020 due to the return to school after the Covid 19 closure which means the day times have been staggered in accordance with The Elliot Foundation advice.

Your child is expected to be at school unless they are too ill.  Absence for any other reason may be recorded as ‘unauthorised’.  A request must be made if you believe you have an exceptional reason for your child’s absence.  The Executive Principal will decide whether or not to authorise the absence.

Cases of persistent lateness, unauthorised absence or attendance rates of less than 96% will be investigated by our Attendance Officer and guidance sought from the Education Welfare Officer. This could lead to legal proceedings.

You are strongly urged to avoid booking holidays or visits overseas during term time as this can now incur a fine from the Local Authority.  Fines have been introduced to prevent families from taking their children out of school unnecessarily.  3 or more days absence means you could be fined £60 per child per parent.  The amount doubles if you are late paying; court action could result if you do not pay the charge.  This is a Government initiative and schools do not benefit from any fines levied by the Local Authority. Holidays or leave of absence will not be granted in term time unless there are exceptional circumstances.